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Building a purpose driven mindset is the most sustainable timely way to change your life, career and business. The most complete way to do that is partnering with a transformational coach.


I think we can all agree that success and happiness is the Holy Grail of self-fulfilment. People don't work so hard to end up in a place where they are not happy. We all want to be successful in life and feel well accomplished at the end of each day. But then, why aren't we all happy when we are successful? Many go their entire lives searching how to be successful in life. Can it be achieved overnight? Unfortunately not. Can it be achieved at all? Absolutely. With the right guidance, mindset, habits, discipline, and vision, success is inevitable. But it all starts with your WHY.

Why coaching?


To the untrained eye, coaching may seem like it's all about getting rid of bad habits or dealing with negative situations. But at its core, transformational coaching is about helping you uncover the leader within and creating an environment where you can develop your own strengths.

Why 34 Coaching?


Many of us feel that we are not reaching their full potential and are stuck in the daily noise with their lives controlled by checklists. Learning how to be successful in life comes by achieving a balanced life. As a coach, we partner with impactful executives and digital start-up entrepreneurs who believe in the good of people, to build sustainable business and personal growth while creating time for a balanced life. Unlike other personal development projects that drown you further in the daily noise, the project is you and we focus on your top three business and personal goals to create growth. This is a space for you to go from transactional to transformational growth driven by purpose, through self-awareness, clear milestones and habit forming actions.

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JVH – Large Scale Event Specialist, C-Suite Executive – Dubai

I’ve partnered with CD for just over a year now, and WOW!  What a difference a year makes!  I’ve changed careers and I have established what is important to me and what my journey will look like in getting there through working with him as a coach.  Even though life and work are extremely busy, I have learned how to calmly work through every aspect with clear thinking and a connection with my more authentic self.  Everyone deserves a coach, but not everyone will be lucky enough to work with CD. 

IVB – Hospitality GM and Wellness Entrepreneur - Switzerland

I've had the opportunity to work with CD over the past 6 months and I have to say he has truly helped me unlock insights, transform my career vision and live my purpose. To me, the power of his coaching style lies in guiding people through changes and transformational experiences in the area of leadership and entrepreneurship. The fact that he is himself driven and shares his passion towards reaching his own goals makes it relevant to all of us and encourages us to achieve more. Through his coaching sessions, CD also shares his experiences and learnings with others, which makes him not only a coach but also a true mentor. He definitely inspires others on his journey to build not only a successful coaching business but a one-of-a-kind knowledge-sharing empire.

HB, IT Entrepreneur, South Africa

On 12 January 2021, I underwent an emergency operation for an aortic dissection. Recovering after the procedure gave me time to reflect on my relationship with God, loved ones and life in general. I realised that I need to prioritise the things that I value most in life and started working with CD. As a friend and coach, CD helped me reconnect with my goals and to create positives habits. During a challenging growth process, CD encouraged me to move my boundaries and kept me honest to my commitments. I am looking forward to the journey ahead. 

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